No matter your business type, growing your customer base is always a priority. This can be accomplished in many ways, but one of the best ways to both grow your customer base and increase efficiency in your business operations is to reach out to a company that provides sustainable advisory services. A company like Sustainable Future Group, co-founded by Marlon Kobacker, can assist your business in becoming more eco-friendly and helping you find design solutions to increase your sustainability. Here are five reasons this process will help your business attract customers.

5. Millennials

The generation we call Millennials, born roughly between 1980 and the early 2000s, are one of the groups with the most purchasing power. Attracting Millennial customers will garner you many benefits, chiefly free advertising through social media. Millenials are also having children later or choosing not to have them at all, so their expendable income is greater than previous generations. Most importantly Millenial consumers value authenticity above all else. This means that simply being transparent and open about your company’s eco-values can net you big wins when it comes to new customers. Millennials are also the most brand loyal consumers. This means that once you have a Millennial customer you won’t have to work as hard to retain them.

4. Brand Identification

The Millenials are having an impact on other segments of buyers, as well. Generation X, who is slightly older than the Millenials, is following their lead and using brand identification to help reinforce their social identity and status. If your brand reaches out to customers through your eco-friendly initiatives, these Gen Xers are sure to jump on board, along with many other socially minded consumers. In light of the recent election, this group of conscious consumers is growing exponentially and becoming more and more outspoken.

3. Elevating Business Status

While it might seem callous to say so, it is true that eco-friendly and socially conscious issues are seen as something of a luxury product. Presenting your business and brand as one that is well-versed in social issues and one that cares about the environment will elevate your brand to a higher level. This in turns makes it a more aspirational product or service, and you’ll find customers pouring in. Environmentally friendly products are trendy, and they have been for years. People want to do good, but they also want to be seen as on-trend and capable of owning luxury products.

2. Free Advertising

Aligning your business with even a few socially conscious or environmentally friendly causes can help you harvest free advertising on social media. If an issue comes up in the news that your company is well-versed in, you should have a social media manager jump all over the opportunity to tactfully enter into the discussion. While still promoting the brand, of course. Again, this might seem callous or cynical, but the reality is that consumers want to know which brands, companies or products align with their moral and social values. By attracting the right customer you have a better chance of retaining them and a better chance to build a long-lasting relationship that will benefit you both.

1. Emotional Motivators

Most consumers like to believe that they are completely rational operators. However, in study after study, this turns out to be untrue. Humans are most easily and most likely to be motivated by emotions. This means that turning your company’s eco-friendly and cost-saving initiatives into a feel-good story about helping the environment or working on social issues is a surefire way to convince customers that your company is one step ahead of the competition.