Numerous entrepreneurs have started a successful business in Australia. The surprising aspect is many businesses do not require a lot of capital. Proper insurance is required, and purchases including a website, business cards and a design for a logo are necessary. An excellent example is the Simonetta family who came from Italy and has been a successful citrus packing business. For more details, please visit Simfresh.
The Photographer

Most amateur photographers already have all or most of the equipment necessary to begin a business in Australia. This includes the basic set-up for the studio, lighting, the camera body, and the lens. This equipment enables the photographer to begin working at assorted events including weddings, birthdays and elegant celebrations. Investing in a small studio enables the photographer to take editorial, baby and fashion photographs. Another opportunity is taking photographs outdoors, and this does not require a studio.

The Online Retailer

It is not difficult to acquire goods in bulk at a fairly low cost. This enables an individual to begin an online retail store while earning cash to expand the business. Australians spend approximately $15.2 billion every year shopping online. To begin, both Big Cartel and eBay are excellent options because their transaction fees for online retail are fairly small. PayPal is another good option for a merchant account can be established. This career will require a good website, marketing on social media, and the time to establish the posting.

The Personal Trainer

Beginning a business as a personal trainer is a good opportunity for health-minded individuals. The fitness industry offers active work and flexible hours. This career will require a certificate IV in fitness. This can be obtained at an institute like TAFE or AIPT. Once the certificate is in hand, the next step is to set-up the business at the home, a boot camp or a rental space. Proper insurance, a clever business logo, and a first aid certificate are also required.

The Handy Person

Most of the Australians living in the big cities do not have a tool shed, and many do not even own more than the most basic of tools. For individuals with the ability to complete home repairs and simple carpentry, a handy person is a perfect business. Most people used to work with their hands already own a wide variety of tools and a good toolbox. This is the type of career that grows with word of mouth, so printing leaflets or business cards is the best way to begin. Once these have been distributed, a few jobs should become available. Provided the individuals are happy with the work, word of mouth should help the business to grow fairly rapidly.

The Business Coach

For a professional interested in an advisory career, an excellent place to start is as a life coach, career coach or small business coach. To start this type of business, performing the initial marketing, purchasing a business program to successfully handle clients, and buying the equipment and furnishings for the office are all necessities. The initial cost of the business depends on if the individual already has a computer and the appropriate software. The place to start is with a website, and a professional service may be necessary to initiate the type of quality this business requires.

The Graphic Designer

A graphic designer must have finesse. This is exactly how the Simonetta family started their business. Take a moment to visit Simfresh. With the expansion and popularity of the internet, graphic designers no longer need to work for large, competitive and often volatile companies. Most graphic designers already own a computer and the corresponding software and are fully capable of designing an incredible logo. The way to begin is to promote the new brand by signing up for social media accounts, becoming active, and making an investment in marketing.

The Party Planner

A party planning business is simple and includes setting up weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, corporate events and numerous types of celebrations. This career requires the ability to manage contacts and clients in the events field and excellent organizational skills. The most important concept is advertising. This involves becoming active in the forums, opening social media accounts, marketing and establishing a gorgeous website.

Home-Based Consulting

Starting a business as a consultant requires expertise and skill in the field. Numerous people in Australia have left their jobs at offices to establish a consulting business at their homes. This requires a good phone set-up and a computer. Marketing is critical because the individual must get their name out into the community to be successful. There are many businesses that can be started in Australia that lead to highly successful careers.